No Not My Ana!!!

Each week we give all you nerds a little insight on Overwatch. The Nerd Chambers current favorite competitive shooter… We have brought you the Bastion buffs, news on Zarya and Bastion getting slight tweaks, and our experiences in the current season. Well today we have some more upcoming patch notes to bring all of you that are currently in play in the PTR (public test region).


Biotic Rifle

  • Damage decreased from 80 to 60

Biotic Grenade

  • Impact damage reduced from 60 to 30
  • Impact healing reduced from 100 to 50


  • No longer hurts himself from his own explosions. (Effect added to current passive: Total Mayhem)


Fusion Driver

  • Magazine size lowered from 200 to 150


  • Cost increased by 15%



  • Sound effects and VO distance for entering and exiting Stealth reduced to 15 meters.


  • Cooldown reduced from 6s to 4s


Barrier Projector

  • Cooldown now starts when the barrier is placed, instead of when it ends


Orb of Destruction

  • Alternate fire recovery reduced from 1s to 0.6s

Orb of Discord

  • Can now target enemies through barriers

There are many… Many changes that are currently in the test region. Some are going to benefit heroes, and some will of course hurt some of the heroes. In our eyes their really are no big “helpful” changes to any of the characters. Yes the Winston cooldown change will be nice, but not game changing. Also it will most likely not bring him into play more than he is currently seeing. The Zenyatta changes are nice, but again not game changing. Being able to discord through barriers does not do a lot because you still have to take down the barriers. Sombra is probably seeing the biggest positive change with a better colldown with the teleporter, and the fact that she is silent out of stealth will help her suprise attacks.She is probably the most hated character on console currently, so this will probably not being her into any matches still.

Now… The negative. Sadly most of us have not had any chance to get our hands on Orisa, and she is already seeing sorts of nerfs with her clip size from 200 to 150. This change won’t personally effect any of us because we haven’t had first hand play with her yet. So it will all be new anyway for us. We however can say goodbye to Ana in meta… She is losing a good protion of her damage from 80 to 60. That’s 3 shots from 2 for a tracer, and 3 to 4 for a majority of heroes in the game. On top of that, her grenade is now being cut In half brining it to nearly useless. This might be the death of Ana for the meta, and the birth of Zenyatta for meta play. 

What do all you games think about these changes coming to Overwatch? Was Ana one of your mains? Hopefully you didn’t golden gun her recently… Let us know @TheNerdChambers all your thoughts! Also go like us on Facebook!

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)


Nintendo Switch Sales Take Lift Off…

The Nintendo Switch finally appeared on shelves on March 3rd! Well very briefly the shelves, and rapidly to the entertainment centers of hundreds of thousands of Nintendo fans! In the United Kingdom the sales of the switch doubled the Wii U sales for the first weekend (80,000:Switch/40,000:Wii U) to put those numbers in perspective, the ps4 sold around 250,000, and the Xbox one close to 150,000 units.Even though the Nintendo Switch sales were very impressive, this is not the largest explosion for Nintendo and their releases in the UK. The 3DS still holds the best weekend for Nintendo at 113,000 units for United Kingdom

In Japan the first 48 hours are booming with 313,000 units flying off the market, just beating out the Wii U in Japan at 308,000 units! Japan held much closer with ps4 and Nintendo . This is the closest the switch got to the next gen consoles for the PS4 had 322,000 sales the first weekend with the Nintendo Switch getting so close at 313,000. Sadly Nintendo will probably not see the incredible success of Sony and Microsoft numbers any time soon other than Japan.

The last impressive detail for Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the  Wild beats out Super Mario 64 in opening weekend sales! The new game for the large Zelda collection sold around 190,000 copies for launch. Now The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild holds the best standalone launch title for Nintendo.

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

Sony San Diego Explains Changes to Franchise Mode in MLB The Show: 17

I am a lover of all things baseball and that includes video games. You can count on me picking up MLB The Show every year, not just because it is a baseball game, but because it is the best sports game on the market. Sony San Diego seems to do the best job with drastically improving their game on a year-to-year basis, and 2017 is no different. In a blog post on Playstation Blog Sony San Diego game designer Luis Martinez laid out the upgrades the team has made to the Franchise Mode for MLB The Show: 17 earlier today. They have added two new ways to play the franchise mode and cater to both the people that love the tense moments of a game and those who like the management simulation side of franchise mode.

The first new way to go through franchise mode is Critical Situations. Whether it is keeping long hitting streaks alive, or coming up to the plate late in the game to try and end it, Critical Situations simulates the games until the most impactful moments of a game. This is another great way that MLB the Show is keeping people on the edge of their seat with each and every game instead of going through the slower parts of a game. Another feature that is apart of Franchise Mode this year is the ability to player lock. This means before going into a game a user can pick one player on their team to play only as them. Essentially this turns Franchise Mode into Road to the Show game but with your favorite players!

The other way to go through the new franchise mode is with the new Quick Manage feature. This is for those that like the management aspect of franchise mode and it is not actually the first time this has been apart of an MLB game. If you guys remember the game entitled MLB from back in 2005 (back when Sony San Diego was 989 sports) they actually had a feature similar to Quick Manage. It allows users to simulate each at bat with the push of a button and allows the user to pick how they want to approach each at bat. What is great about quick manage is that you can dive in and out of the game, so if there is a big moment in the game you want to handle yourself, you can play out the moment yourself then go back to quick managing.

The last major addition to franchise mode is Player Quirks. These are special attributes that are determined by data gathered from game film on each player. The example they lay out is that Anthony Rizzo is a good breaking ball hitter, so now when he goes up against a curveball or a slider he will get a boost in his ability.

It cannot be overstated how well the team in San Diego does at making their game substantially better every year. These changes seem like they are going to add even more depth to every at bat. What do you guys think about the upgrades to MLB? Who is your favorite team? Let us know on Twitter @TheNerdChambers and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!


Outlast 2 Release Date…

The highly anticipated horror game Outlast 2 finally has an official release date… April 25th we will be emersed into the frightening atmosphere of Outlast 2. Not only will Outlast 2 be coming out, but Outlast Trinity will hit stores. Outlast Trinity will be great for all newcomers to have the Outlast franchise to dive into the horror series, and for current lovers of the series to replay the horrific story. Trinity will include: Outlast, Outlast: Whistle Blower, and Outlast 2.

Outlast 2 will be in stores April 25th, and it will only be 30$ for all fans to get their hands on. The Trinity edition will only be an additional 10 dollars for 2 more games to add to your collection, so only 40$ for the Trinity Edition of Outlast. Let us know @TheNerdChambers will you be picking up a copy of Outlast?  

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

Borderlands 3 News…

Earlier in the week we covered Borderlands 3 and the Gear Box panel at PAX EAST. We were expecting to see some news the weekend of PAX, but we were graced with an early look of the Borderlands 3 tech demo! 

The tech demo showed some of what’s to come on the unreal engine 4. It shows how in depth they can work in their art style with heavy borders and outlines. The tech demo brings us some much needed visuals of our wonderful world of Pandora… Oh wait, something else was announced recently. As Dorothy might say, “We aren’t in Pandora anymore friends of the Nerdum.” (Click the text below to watch the Borderlands 3 Tech Demo)

Borderlands 3 Tech Demo

Where are we you might ask? Well thanks to Battleborn DLC that was just released we found out we are going to be  venturing in Promethea. Thanks to an article by Preston Lewis Jr from Twinfinite we have a little more information about the hidden easter egg,

“The first interesting piece of information in this coded message is the mention of a planet called Prometea. In the Borderlands universe, there is no planet by that name but there is a planet called Promethea which is likely where players will be heading in Borderlands 3. Promethea is where the weapons manufacturing company Atlas discovered alien technology which it then used to improve their own weapons and vehicles.”

Thanks to the developers showing us a little sneak peak of the Borderlands 3 world on Unreal Engine 4, and the BattleBorn Dlc we can begin to connect the dots of Borderlands 3! Make sure to check in during PAX EAST weekend at The Nerd Chambers to find out all about Borderlands 3! Tweet us @TheNerdChambers and tell us what you think about the news on Borderlands 3!

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

New Overwatch Update…

We all have had a few days now to enjoy Overwatch Season 4, and we already have some changes coming. Sorry Bastion players. It is always nice to see game developers always looking to better the experience for the consumers. That being said after the great re-balancing of the heroes we now have a few more changes coming up.

As we all know by now there is a new hero that will be dropping hopefully sooner then later Orisa (Click on her name to read our article all about Orisa!). On top of that we are going to see some changes to Zarya and Bastion. The new fan favorite hero Bastion has been sweeping the meta, and has been picked no matter what the team build is. Bastion players see a Torbjorn, Symmetra, Hanzo that means the team has a sickness and it needs more Bastion. Thankfully the developers have had some first hand experience of the community outrage that has been Bastion, and they are taking action. Bastion’s passive ability was tweaked to a substantial 35% resistance while in tank or sentry mode this past update, but the devs felt this was a little to intense. They will be reducing the Ironclad passive down to 20% while in sentry and tank configuration. Hopefully we will see a slightly better balance to the number of Bastions we see in competitive.

Finally Zarya is seeing a very small nerf in my eyes. Zarya’s abilities Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier not only absorbed damage, but they also absorbed knock back abilities. Well, with the upcoming patch, we will see Zarya no longer eat knock backs that “penetrate” the barriers. So heroes like Reinhardt with his knock back hammer, Winston with his Primal Rage, and a well placed concussion mine will now be able to knock back Zarya (or ally) even with a barrier up.  As for Phara and a ranged Lucio Boop she will still not be moved from place. Only if their weapons were to be inside of her barrier when fired.

We will just have to see how much of an effect these patch notes will truly have to the game. Let us know what you think about these patch notes in the comments or tweet us @TheNerdChambers!

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)