Overwatch Insurrection Event…

Today is the start of another Overwatch event… So grab your mountain dew and Cheetos, and get grinding! This will being so many new exciting skins for all your loved characters in Overwatch! Not only will new skins drop a new 4 player PvE game mode will be available! The new game mode is a very Gears of War Horde look alike. Take on waves and waves of enemies untill you are overwhelmed. 

If you haven’t seen the incredible new trailer here it is!

Overwatch: Insurrection Trailer
The event will be running from April 11th to May 1st! So make sure to get all the skins possible​, and have a blast taking on a new wave of fun! Let us know what you think @TheNerdChambers on Twitter! Also don’t forget to like us on Facebook! 

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)


Overwatch Teaser???

Today on the Australian and New Zealand Blizzard Twitter posted a short video that teases some upcoming Overwatch details! We already got Orisa early this competitive season, so what else could they be bringing to us? The only real information we got from the teaser is April 12 is when we will know what is happening. Are we getting a new map? Why was Kings Row the focal point of the video? Possibly a new event? Are we getting a new character? What do you think is happening April 12th!? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheNerdChambers. 

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

Overwatch PREQUEL?!

Jeff Kaplan recently announced plans to work on a story based on the fallen heroes, Soldier 76 and Reaper. Kaplin stated that although there are comics to explain the backstories of the loved characters in Overwatch, he wants more people to fully understand the complex story and relationship between 76 and Reaper.

I know what you’re thinking, it sounds like this would be a campaign based game. 

And you’re right. 

“Most of our games we tell the story through lore and dialogue between characters. We feel the dynamic of the two [76 and Reaper] is too strong and we’re not developing the relationship with the current game. There have been talks to add DLC skins but we’ve come to the conclusion that creating a solid game, like a prequel, to fully explain and explore their relationship would help the players understand the tension they have now.”

The future game will be campaign based and you’d be playing as both 76 and Reaper, alternating between missions. There has been no mention if the Prequel would have multiplayer or not. 

Are you excited for the Overwatch prequel? Or do you feel like they shouldn’t make the game? Let’s hear your thoughts below!

Orisa’s Big Debut…

All of us Overwatch sweaties have bee overly excited for today… Why might you ask? We are finally getting our hands on the new Overwatch hero Orisa! It will bring a fresh breathe to the Overwatch competitive seen.She will bring some much need variety to the tank classing since this is the smallest pool of characters in Overwatch. 

One of the biggest questions we have at The Nerd Chambers is, How will this change the meta? There has been a lot of talk on a so called “barrier meta” to hit the game. With characters like Reinhardt and Winston with their own annoying damage stopping barriers will we see the likes of a 3 team barrier squad. Not only how will this effect the tank picks, but you have to think this will also change up the damage composition. 

It really makes you think… Will teams play with flanking characters to just avoid and get past the barriers quicker, or will their be just heavy hitting teams with the highest possible damage? You may either see tracers and genjis be wiped from the competitive existence if there truly is a barrier meta on its way, or you may see only flankers in the DPS slots. What will happen to characters like Soldier and Hanzo? Will Junkrat make a return to play more often? Will teams pair DPS groups with Bastion, Junkrat, Pharah to just explode the barriers down as fast as possible? It’s all very exciting, and thankfully we only have to wait a few more hours to let the fun begin. 

How are you and your team going to tackle the possible barrier meta? Will you be apart of this meta and play trike tank barrier squad? Let us know on Twitter @TheNerdChambers! 

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

Lucio Getting Amped Up In PTR Update

In a new PTR update that came out yesterday, Lucio is the next character to be looking at a rebalancing. The Brazilian beat master has started to see a decline in play quite a bit with the rework of Mercy so it is nice to see him getting a Season 4 update as well as I am a big fan of Lucio’s versatility.

Here are the changes being tested out on PC right now:


  • Sonic Amplifier
    • Projectile speed increased from 40 to 50
    • Alternate fire now considers vertical orientation when knocking targets back
  • Crossfade
    • Song’s area-of-effect radius decreased from 30 meters to 10 meters
      • A temporary in-game visual has been added to illustrate this radius (it is only visible to Lúcio and his teammates)
    • Heal Song
      • Healing-per-second has been increased by 50% (also applies to Lúcio’s Amp It Up ability)
  • Sound Barrier
    • Radius decreased from 30 meters to 20 meters
  • Wall Ride
    • Movement speed increased by 30% when wall riding
    • Lúcio now receives a burst of speed when leaping off a wall

Overall this is a great rebalance for Lucio, in my opinion. Now, a lot of people are going to look at the decrease in range of his ultimate and healing/speed auras and think this is the end of Lucio but there is a lot more to like here than to be worried about. Starting with the increase in projectile speed, this is going to make his weapon much more viable as his gun can do up to 64 damage per four round burst. Now that the projectiles will be faster, his accuracy will then go up as people will not be able to dodge them as easily.

Although his healing/speed aura is getting a serious nerf on it’s range, it will not hamper his effectiveness. With the strength of Ana’s healing grenades and rifle, Lucio’s healing output was seeming minuscule in comparison, so his 50% increase in his healing output makes him a great option for healing tanks. As of now Lucio’s healing aura has such a low output that most of the time I am trying to heal a tank, I can’t heal him fast enough before the enemy pushes at my team again (this also has a bit to do with the long cooldown on Amp it Up as well, which was disappointing to see that it didn’t get shortened in the update).

It seems the reason they are doing this smaller range is because, with the addition of Orisa, three tank, dive heavy teams are going to be much more viable and scary. What better way to keep a bunch of tanks healed than with a Lucio with an upgrade to his healing? This is why all of these changes to Lucio are fine with me. Orisa is going to bring attacking teams closer together and hitting harder and it seems as though Blizzard is just feeding into this notion with the rebalancing of Lucio.

What do you guys think of the new direction of Lucio? Do you guys like the tank heavy meta it seems Overwatch is heading? Let us know in the the comments below or on Twitter by tweeting @TheNerdChambers and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!


Orisa is coming!!!

We are less then a week away from the new Overwatch tank to hit the competitive season with! It will be nice to have an addition to the roster to add a little more diversity to the tank selection. People have been fearing a new tank like this though… They feel that Overwatch is going to become Barrierwatch. People in the PTR were running groups with Reinhardt, Winston, and Orisa… With a Bastion. Yeah, we see how that will be a headache too. 

It is going to be very interesting how Orisa will fit the meta. Will this bring in a new wave of 3 rank groups with the barrier squad? It’s hard to imagine playing choke hold maps with Reinhardt, Mei, Orisa, and a Bastion also. You will never be able to push through the hold. We will probably see more flying/flanking characters be played more now. 

Go let us know what you think about the new tank Orisa @TheNerdChambers on Twitter. Will you be playing Orisa when she drops? Is this going to possibly ruin your current character pick with another barrier? Let us know on Twitter or down in the comments! 

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

What Is The Most Toxic Gaming Community…🤔

I’m sure we’ve all spent hours upon days playing our favorite video games… Some of us stay safe in the environment of single player games, and never have to experience the toxic gaming communities. For all of you single player gamers out there… There is a deep dark side to the world of gaming that is toxicity. 

Toxicity can range from vulgar 12 year olds, language barrier yelling, and even angry adults. All of these are pretty self explanatory, young kids swearing and yelling because their parents aren’t around. People from other countries or people who speak English learn a few vulgar or rude words in other languages (Trash, Your Bad, or Vulgar terms). Finally people “tilt” in games, and let their upset emotions create backlash to their teamates. All toxicity can stem from poor communication, yourself, or other teammates who are not performing to expectations causing the team to lose. 

There are two major communities that I play in that experience major toxcicity… The one that I am currently engulfed in is Overwatch. The worst part about Overwatch toxicity is the fact it’s people that don’t communicate. As most of know, Overwatch is a very team oriented game. If one person is out of sync on your team, you can normally call it a loss unless the other team has worse teamwork. The other hard part in th community is players “throwing”. Everyone who plays Overwatch has a pretty decent understanding of what characters in the game are meta (the best characters to play). When people on your team my choose characters who are not part of the “meta” they will see that, and then purposely pick heroes who they  are not good with just because people aren’t picking the “meta”. So as most of know, playing with random people in Overwatch is a struggle…

The last toxic community that I experience hardship in is the Rocket League community.  The part that makes this annoying is it’s from spammming chat. Spam chat can happen let’s say… You miss an easy shot, or miss an easy block. The other team or your random teamates may spam what a save or what a shot to be ignorant. Hardly do you ever see friendly games of rocket league if they’re​ not with friends. Even then friendships may die from good ol’ ro-league.

Go tweet us @TheNerdChambers to let us know what’s the most toxic gaming community out there, or share some of your toxic gaming experiences in the comments or tweet us!

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)