Top 5 News Stories of the Week

It was another busy week in gaming and entertainment. Here are the biggest stories you may have missed out on while seeing Logan 23425 times:

  1. Borderlands 3 had a tech demo showed off early in the week. Showing how the world looks on the Unreal Engine 4. You can read all about it and see for yourself in the original post.
  2. Outlast 2 has itself a release and is much sooner than one might expect. People itching to get back into the series will be able get their hands on the game on April 25th. For those that are new to the series, the developers will have something for you as well. You can read about it here.
  3. No Man’s Sky got its second massive update in the middle of the week. The update will include even more options for basebuilding, vehicles to use on your home planet, and even… racetrack building? There is so much going on in this new No Man’s Sky update and you can find all the fine details in our full overview of the update.
  4. The Nintendo Switch has seen great commercial success in it’s first week on the market. So much success that it is the fastest selling Nintendo system in the U.S. in the history of the gaming pioneer. You can see the numbers behind Nintendo’s great feat in our full article.
  5. And finally, it wouldn’t be a top five news story of the week if we didn’t have Overwatch somewhere on the list. It was a very up and down week for Pharah’s mother Ana. In the beginning of the week the developers were planning on nerfing her into the ground, but after so much backlash for the heavy nerfs that were being tested, the developers backtracked and will only be making some minor adjustments which you can find here.

There was a lot of great news coming out this week as this month is loaded with great games. Still to come is Mass Effect Andromeda and MLB The Show, among others. What were your favorite stories/moments from the past week? Let us know on Twitter @TheNerdChambers, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!


How The Witcher 3 Started a Revolution… Sort of

For as long as we can remember, the gaming industry was on par with the movie industry. You had a couple entertaining games here and there throughout the first nine months of the year, but when October hit, consumers would be bombarded with great game after great game. Just looking at the past winners of game of the year fromt he VGA’s/The Game Awards, Only three games from 2003 to 2014 were fully released before August the years they were released which were Resident Evil 4 in 2005, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion the following year, and Red Dead Redemption in 2010. Those three are all incredible games, there is not doubt about that, but although they were successful, developers continued to keep it play it safe and release there games during the holidays. It makes perfect sense, Christmas is the season of giving, and what do so many kids love? Video games.

But why should the dedicated gamers that are always looking for fun experiences year round be left in the cold during the first half of the year? For years, people would have to sit the the first 4-5 months of the year continuing to play the most recent Call of Duty, or playing through Fallout 3 or Skyrim for the 18th time because there was barely anything being released in those early months. Then all of a sudden, something changed.

This game called The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out in May of 2015 and it was one of the most impressive feats in video games. The world design and scale were incredible, voice acting and scriptwriting was well done, the story was engaging and left you wanting more, and there was this little game called Gwent that won the hearts of millions. The Witcher raised the bar for what an open world RPG, a true masterpiece, and pretty much the unanimous game of the year of 2015. Not only that, the game sold four million copies in its first two weeks, in the middle of May. This seemed to spark a change in some developers thinking.

Batman: Arkham Knight was released a few weeks after The Witcher and sold even faster than the Witcher did and was also an outstanding game that was game of the year quality. The following year, 2016, Street Fighter V, XCOM 2, Firewatch, and Far Cry Primal, all came out in February alone and were outstanding games that sold well (Firewatch being nominated for multiple Game Awards). In March of that year, The Division became the fastest selling new franchise in the history of games. Granted, a lot of people were not impressed with The Division after a couple weeks, but the point being here is that games were selling well in the first half of the year.

Then along came the beautiful game known as Overwatch. Released in May of last year, Overwatch is being played by over 25 million people, and is, in my opinion, the most polished first person shooter to ever hit the market. Not only that, it won The Game Awards game of the year honors. So in back to back years now, we have had a game of the year winner released in May and not during the holiday season.

Moving to this year, 2017, we have been spoiled by a plethora of outstanding games in just the first two months of the year with more to come here in March. Resident Evil VII has received high praise from many as a return to form for the franchise and shipped 3 million units in just its first two weeks. Nioh has been the biggest suprise thus far in 2017 with an aggregate score of 87/100 on Metacritic and over 1 million units shipped in its first two weeks. Then finally we have recently released Horizon Zero Dawn. The game, like The Witcher, is a true masterpiece of a game all around. From visuals to gameplay and everything in between, Horizon Zero Dawn is safely a contender for game of the year this year (currently an 88/100 on Metacritic) and it is only March.

Then looking toward the rest of this month we have Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which is already the best reviewed game of the year with 98/100 out of over 50 reviews. Not to mention Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Mass Effect: Andromeda which are still to come later this month.

To sum this whole thing up, The Witcher’s success in 2015 helped to give developers confidence in releasing games in the earlier parts of the year. Now, gamers are being rewarded with a slew of incredible, game of the year caliber games early in the year instead of waiting ten months to see the next big thing in games.

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Nintendo looks to take the Indie game market…

The Nintendo Switch release is right around the corner. The popularity of the switch has been spreading like wild fire. Gary Jones from Express even reported that…

“The NINTENDO switch pre order numbers are reportedly taking on PS4 launch day sales with gusto”

Many gamers out there have been keeping their ears searching for more information of the unique console experience that NINTENDO is bringing with the Switch. There was a very large scare for the amount of releases that were to come for the year of 2017 that no one seemed sure how Nintendo was going to combat this. Well it looks like Nintendo has chosen their weapons for battle against Microsoft and Sony, that weapon being Indie games.

Nintendo is taking a very intruiging approach to their new console by making close connections with small indie companies. As reported by Chris Plante on The Verge,

Nintendo has a revised strategy for indie games: look forward rather than backward. That goal is a bit loaded. On one hand, it speaks to a general concept of newness. Its slate of upcoming indie games, which will be charged with filling the Switch’s slim release calendar, are largely new releases, many debuting exclusively on the portable-console hybrid. That is to say, few of them are releases of games that have appeared elsewhere (Stardew Valley being the obvious exception). But “looking forward rather than backward” also speaks to the company’s ongoing relationship with the people who make and publish indie video games — a group it has, to this point, largely neglected.”

It would be nice to see Nintendo make their climb back to the top with the Indie game market by their side. This could be a great way for not only Nintendo to Excell, but possibly see many deserving publishers to gain the success they deserve. So be on the look out for the many fascinating games that NINTENDO will be brining to the Nintendo Switch. Also get excited for March 3rd the release of the Nintendo Switch. 

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Also if you’re interested what else Chris Plante and Gary Jones had to say here are their article links! -Chris Plante (The Verge) – Gary Jones (Express)

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

Borderlands 3 News!?

I am sure all of you vault hunters have been waiting for the day to come to venture back in the wastelands of Pandora. We may finally be getting some news of when our new adventures embark. The story began nearly 8 years ago in 2009 when we were graced with the incredible story of Borderlands. Sadly the most recent game that we received was back in October of 2014… Yes Gearbox was kind enough to release the Handsome Jack Collection in  March of 2015, but for most of this was a fun time to go back and play the games we have already conquered.

We will be awaiting some news at GearBox PAX East panel. The developers of Borderlands teased that they would be starting the creation of the masterpiece that will be Borderlands 3 back at PAX East 2016. A new year is upon us, and we hope to see a trailer, release date, or at least some sort of concept art… please? Each panel at PAX each is given a description from the companies to give the consumers an idea what to look forward too. Here is what the GearBox panel has in store for us…

“This is your opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at Gearbox Software and Gearbox Publishing, along with the latest news and updates from the makers of Borderlands, Battleborn, Brothers in Arms, and more! We will have never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises, so don’t miss out!”

So this should be a good indication that we will see some sort of reveal at PAX East. There was talk about the upcoming game to have even more characters, weapons, and NPCs then any of the Borderlands games so far. Make sure to be following PAX East news that is coming up so soon… March 10th-12th! Better yet, make sure to follow us @TheNerdChambers on Twitter so we can be your first outlet to the incredible news that GearBox will be dropping! Are you excited for the upcoming Borderlands games? Do you want to see old characters return? What will make this the biggest and best Borderlands game yet? Let us know @TheNerdChambers. See you in March Claptrap! 

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

Twitch Users Will Soon Get to Buy Games on Site

Twitch just announced earlier today on their blog that users will be able to buy games and in-game content directly from their website. The way it will work is that viewers that are interested in the game that is being played by a given streamer will be able to purchase the game via a link below the video player, if the game is available through the “Get it on Twitch” program.

This program, however, will only be available with partnered streamers who agree to be apart of it, but if you are a broadcaster, why wouldn’t you? Not only will does this increase interactivity between a streamer and his/her chat, it is also going to be another way for viewers to support streamers. What we mean is that 5% of the revenue earned in this program is going straight to the streamers channel from which it is purchased.

It will also benefit the viewer as well as Twitch will be giving out TwitchCrates to anyone who purchase through the “Get it on Twitch” program. The crates will contain “a game-specific emote, a chat badge, or some Bits,” according to the blog post.

There are already several game developers that have jumped on board with this program like Ubisoft and Telltale, and the games that will be apart of the program will be announced in the near future. The program itself is expected to start this Spring so be on the lookout.

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The Nerd Chambers is About to Level Up

In our continued effort to bring more content to you, we at The Nerd Chambers will be meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss the future. This discussion will also include a few new people we are going to be adding to the team. By expanding the team, we are expecting to get more articles out each day and report as much news as we can for you.

In addition to getting more news content to you guys, with a bigger team we are going to be able to expand our social media presence as well. We have continued to stay active on Twitter (@TheNerdChambers if you didn’t already know), but we will now look to have a presence on Facebook and Instagram as we hope to extend our content to a larger audience. In addition to that, we are going to start doing more streaming on Twitch as well. Some of us play competitive Overwatch together so you can expect a good bit of that but we will also be streaming playthroughs of the biggest releases.

Some other things to look forward to are, new logos and artwork, coverage of esports events (including live tweets and wrap up articles), and we will even be actively looking for ways to upgrade the site and make it more user friendly. The last, and most important, thing is that in the coming weeks we will start The Nerd Chambers Podcast once again. This was how The Nerd Chambers got it’s start so we are excited to bring back the podcast and we will be sure to add more production value, to make it bigger and better.

Everyone here at The Nerd Chambers is excited about our future as we continue to build, and provide a great source of gaming and entertainment news. Be on the lookout for when we get Facebook and Instagram pages live. Also you can listen to old The Nerd Chambers Podcasts to see what you are in store for when we bring it back on our Soundcloud.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Skill System is Boundless

It was recently reported by PC Gamer, that the skill system in Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to be limitless in multiple ways. The first being that players will get to add skill points into any of the three skill trees (combat, biotics, and tech). Each of those skill trees will have 12 categories to upgrade as well. The second way is that players will be given the opportunity to spend credits in game to respec their character.

The final way that Mass Effect is going to have a limitless skill system is that there will be no level cap in the game. As confirmed by lead designer Ian Frazier, it is possible for players to max out every skill in each skill tree. He does warn that it would take some time and that players would have to reach approximately level 123 to be able to max out the skill tree so players can expect to have plenty to do in the next installment of the Mass Effect Universe.

You can see even more detail, and screen shots of the skill menu over at PC Gamer.

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