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PlayStation State of Play 12/10 – Our Favorite Announcements

For those of you that may have missed it, PlayStation showed its final State of Play broadcast of 2019 early Tuesday morning to show off more of what’s in store for PlayStation fans. The broadcast was the typical 20 minutes in length and was full of gameplay trailers and announcements. We picked out a few games from the show that we feel like stood out the most.

Untitled Goose Game

One of the biggest memes in the gaming community this year is Untitled Goose Game. A game that’s simply about a goose causing mischief. People all over social media have been joking that this is the best game of 2019 but there is actually a lot of charm to this game. Watching the trailer to kick off the show I have to admit I was laughing pretty hard at the idea of this game. Running around and just being a cynical pest of a goose sounds like a that would be really fun to play on a couch with a couple friends. This game is actually the earliest arrival of the group, you can play Untitled Goose Game on PS4 starting December 17th!


Our second pick from the state of play is Proletariat’s new spin on the battle royale genre Spellbreak. This is a game that has been in early access on PC for some time now but it will finally be debuting on a console next Spring on PS4. What piques our interest in Spellbreak is that it has a completely unique combat system that we have yet to see in battle royale games and that is spell-based combat. Spells come in different elements and can be strengthened throughout a match. For those of you that enjoy battle royale games will definitely want to give this game a try when the beta starts in the Spring.


Okay this may be a personal pick and the other guys may not be as interested in Dreams as me but this was one of the best games to be shown off in the show. The big announcement for Dreams is that the game will be going full release February 14th, 2020 exclusively on the PS4. The game going full release means that we are more than likely going to see the campaigns that we were assured will be apart of Dreams. I am very interested to see what sorts of experiences will be in store for players when actual professionals get their hands on the creation tools that Dreams offer its users.

Ghost of Tsushima

The last of our favorites from Tuesday’s State of Play was the next game from developers Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima. The short teaser they gave us rounded out the presentation and is having gamers wait until tonight’s Game Awards show to know more information. There was one thing they did say that was of note to me which is that gamers will be able to dive into this experience soon. It is something of note because we have yet to receive even a release window for the game, but there were several rumors in the past stating that we would see Ghost of Tsushima in February of 2020 so it could be that we see that release date drop tonight at The Game Awards. It would also make sense because Naughty Dog just recently delayed the Last of Us 2 until May, leaving the door open for another exclusive to drop in February.

Make these video games into TV shows already!

There have been a plethora of new Netflix/Amazon/Films that have been released over the last decade which have phenomenal success. Different series has stemmed from books, movies, original ideas, and some from video game franchises. With all of the amazing shows that have dropped, there are still some video games franchises that NEED a television series finally… Here are some that we came up with…

There are so many different video games that need cinematic adaptations, but we will focus it down to just three for the sake of your sanity. The number one game that needs to have a series is Overwatch. The lore in the universe that we have been given has been incredible, and there is so much to expand on from there. That being said, I would like to see this show as a fully animated show. As cool as it would be to see some of the characters brought to live-action, Blizzard does an unreal job with the cinematic they have provided us in their videos. Sometimes, I get lost watching their cinematics because of my admiration for the work they put into them. They are so well made creating unique design and animation styles that scream Blizzard. These short films are on a new level of story telling through animation. You could have a full series about a certain event, a character, or even an event that was seen by different character’s perspectives. Not only would this help enhance the Overwatch lore they have already built, but it will help Blizzard reach a wider audience. I’m sure Blizzard could get some amazing writers on an Overwatch series project so please make this happen!

Just like Overwatch, another game has some AMAZING lore behind its characters, yes you guessed it… League of Legends! This is another game that definitely needs some sort of series. Whether it is a mini-series or a full-fledged season after season I would love indulge in this full cinematic world. Just like Overwatch, I believe this game would fit best as an animated series instead of live-action. I hate to say because a live adaptation can be mind-boggling, but for Riot, their cinematic videos blow us away. I’m sure with the proper writers on board this show could flourish and prosper. They could do all the different factions, the world around them, or just like a possible Overwatch show have character-based series of episodes. You can’t tell me a mini-series on the battle between Lucian and Thresh would not be fantastic to experience a full-fledged adventure!

Finally, the last video game universe that needs some sort of film adaption whether it is TV or movie is… Fallout. This universe has so many places it can go which has been proven in the handful of games that have been released. They all have the same concepts of post-apocalyptic world, but each game gives us unique stories with the baseline of a fallout. With all of the different factions, weapons, and characters that have been met over the last few games you could easily make a series about this show. This is the one show out of these three that I believe would be best filmed as a live-action adaptation. The visuals that could be brought together with the creatures and weapons would be outstanding. The only real problem with that is the CGI definitely cost a pretty penny with today’s standards. Therefore there would have to be a great production company to pick up a film of this nature to back the content creators. There are plenty of different ways a production company could story board a show like this. Follow a single character for multiple seasons, or jump around to multiple cities that were devastated by a nuclear war. There are plenty of different ways a series could work, but it NEEDS to happen sooner rather than later. This universe deserves it with all the love the Bethesda team has given it over the years.

There are many more video game universes that need to see some sort of film adaption whether that is a Netflix, Amazon, or a blockbuster film series but these are my top three. Which did we miss that you would like to see adapted into a series? Should they be live-action or animated? Television, film shorts, or blockbuster movies? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you enjoyed the article leave a like and share it with your friends! Thank you so much for your support!

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