Outlast 2 Release Date…

The highly anticipated horror game Outlast 2 finally has an official release date… April 25th we will be emersed into the frightening atmosphere of Outlast 2. Not only will Outlast 2 be coming out, but Outlast Trinity will hit stores. Outlast Trinity will be great for all newcomers to have the Outlast franchise to dive into the horror series, and for current lovers of the series to replay the horrific story. Trinity will include: Outlast, Outlast: Whistle Blower, and Outlast 2.

Outlast 2 will be in stores April 25th, and it will only be 30$ for all fans to get their hands on. The Trinity edition will only be an additional 10 dollars for 2 more games to add to your collection, so only 40$ for the Trinity Edition of Outlast. Let us know @TheNerdChambers will you be picking up a copy of Outlast?  

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Logan Review


Logan from start to finish gives us everything we have received in Hugh Jackman’s previous performances as Wolverine but steps it up quite a few notches. From the opening sequence of the movie we not only receive action, but we see why the movie receives it’s R-rating. The action sequences are so much more brutal, and the language is finally filter free. Which is something I definitely felt needed to happen because an abrasive character like Logan needs to be able to be well…abrasive, without being filtered for language.

It was great seeing them engaging the audience right from the opening sequence with a highly entertaining fight between Logan and some “cholos.” Not only did it do good job of setting the tone for the entire movie, but it helped show us that Wolverine is vulnerable and wearing down. After the fight he does not heal immediately, but shortly after as we eventually see the bullets slowly fall out of his skin.

After a sequence where we see him working as a limo driver and get a hint that mutants are on the brink of extinction, we get introduced to Caliban (who you might remember from X-Men Apocalypse), a mutant that is capable of tracking other mutants. He is helping Logan to be a caretaker to none other than Charles Xavier himself. When we first get introduced to Xavier he is very out of sorts and is goes crazy when he sees Logan enter his room. We get the explanation later in the movie that he is actually suffering from dementia, and one can only assume that the medication he takes throughout the movie is helping to combat it.

I won’t walkthrough the rest of the story line as I do not want to waste your time and spoil every nuance of the movie. I will simply say that director James Mangold does an incredible job of blending the great action we have seen before from a Wolverine film with intense fights that are as brutal as ever but also creates a lot of emotional highpoints that will tug at your heartstrings. We also start to see Wolverine get beat up more and more as his body starts to break down throughout the movie. Mangold also does a fine job at continuing the theme of Logan’s nightmares and the past that has haunted him. This creates an old, withered character that tries to stay completely unattached to Laura or X-23.

There were only two things that, after digesting the movie, I thought were a little strange. The first being that Gabriella, the woman who helps Laura escape from Transigen, was somehow able to get away with getting so much video footage of all the things that were happening at Transigen without getting caught. I mean, in the video one of the scientists gets mad at the nurses for giving them a birthday party so I can’t imagine they would be okay with her holding up a phone and recording everything. My second problem was that the death of Charles Xavier felt very lacking. They did a fine job of giving him his big soliloquies before he gets attacked by the Logan clone but, because of everything going on around them, Logan does not really get a chance to digest anything. Not only that, instead of showing his rage and charging at the clone, they completely cut to the clone so you don’t get to feel the emotion of the death nearly as much.

Emotion played a huge key in this movie, and Hugh Jackman was at the epicenter of most of it. Jackman was finally given a chance to bring his outstanding acting skills to center stage in his portrayal of Wolverine and his performance does not disappoint. The emotional high points of the film go that much higher with Jackman making the audience feel the moment as much as he does. Also the most surprising performance has to be from Dafne Keen who played Laura in the film. In the action sequences, she brings almost equivalent intensity to the fights as Jackman does and in her big emotional scene at the end of the movie, she makes the audience want to cry with her. I truly cannot overstate how impressive those two were in this film.




Despite a lackluster death of one of its characters, Logan is a wonderful film. From the outstanding performances by Jackman and Keen to the great mix of action and emotion, Logan has something that will appeal to any audience. This film could not have done a better job concluding a 17-year run for Jackman as Wolverine and will leave longtime fans with a smile and some tears along the way.



Borderlands 3 News…

Earlier in the week we covered Borderlands 3 and the Gear Box panel at PAX EAST. We were expecting to see some news the weekend of PAX, but we were graced with an early look of the Borderlands 3 tech demo! 

The tech demo showed some of what’s to come on the unreal engine 4. It shows how in depth they can work in their art style with heavy borders and outlines. The tech demo brings us some much needed visuals of our wonderful world of Pandora… Oh wait, something else was announced recently. As Dorothy might say, “We aren’t in Pandora anymore friends of the Nerdum.” (Click the text below to watch the Borderlands 3 Tech Demo)

Borderlands 3 Tech Demo

Where are we you might ask? Well thanks to Battleborn DLC that was just released we found out we are going to be  venturing in Promethea. Thanks to an article by Preston Lewis Jr from Twinfinite we have a little more information about the hidden easter egg,

“The first interesting piece of information in this coded message is the mention of a planet called Prometea. In the Borderlands universe, there is no planet by that name but there is a planet called Promethea which is likely where players will be heading in Borderlands 3. Promethea is where the weapons manufacturing company Atlas discovered alien technology which it then used to improve their own weapons and vehicles.”

Thanks to the developers showing us a little sneak peak of the Borderlands 3 world on Unreal Engine 4, and the BattleBorn Dlc we can begin to connect the dots of Borderlands 3! Make sure to check in during PAX EAST weekend at The Nerd Chambers to find out all about Borderlands 3! Tweet us @TheNerdChambers and tell us what you think about the news on Borderlands 3!

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New Overwatch Update…

We all have had a few days now to enjoy Overwatch Season 4, and we already have some changes coming. Sorry Bastion players. It is always nice to see game developers always looking to better the experience for the consumers. That being said after the great re-balancing of the heroes we now have a few more changes coming up.

As we all know by now there is a new hero that will be dropping hopefully sooner then later Orisa (Click on her name to read our article all about Orisa!). On top of that we are going to see some changes to Zarya and Bastion. The new fan favorite hero Bastion has been sweeping the meta, and has been picked no matter what the team build is. Bastion players see a Torbjorn, Symmetra, Hanzo that means the team has a sickness and it needs more Bastion. Thankfully the developers have had some first hand experience of the community outrage that has been Bastion, and they are taking action. Bastion’s passive ability was tweaked to a substantial 35% resistance while in tank or sentry mode this past update, but the devs felt this was a little to intense. They will be reducing the Ironclad passive down to 20% while in sentry and tank configuration. Hopefully we will see a slightly better balance to the number of Bastions we see in competitive.

Finally Zarya is seeing a very small nerf in my eyes. Zarya’s abilities Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier not only absorbed damage, but they also absorbed knock back abilities. Well, with the upcoming patch, we will see Zarya no longer eat knock backs that “penetrate” the barriers. So heroes like Reinhardt with his knock back hammer, Winston with his Primal Rage, and a well placed concussion mine will now be able to knock back Zarya (or ally) even with a barrier up.  As for Phara and a ranged Lucio Boop she will still not be moved from place. Only if their weapons were to be inside of her barrier when fired.

We will just have to see how much of an effect these patch notes will truly have to the game. Let us know what you think about these patch notes in the comments or tweet us @TheNerdChambers!

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Top 5 Gaming News Stories of the Week

  1. Blizzard Announced the next hero set to take the stage in Overwatch. Orisa is a robot reprogrammed by a young genius named Efi and was programmed to help the citizens of Numbani. As someone who goes out of their way for others, Orisa is pegged to be the 6th tank in the Overwatch lineup. Her abilities make her seem like she will be a great contributor to a dive composition in Overwatch. You can read our full overview of Orisa here.
  2. The Game Developers Choice Awards took place earlier in the week and crowned its game of the year for 2016. As no surprise, Overwatch took home the honors as it continues to assert itself as the best shooter on the market. There were a couple more games that took home some big awards and you can find them in our GDCA round up.
  3. Microsoft announced a brand new Netflix-like subscription service that will be making its way to Xbox One owners. The Xbox Game Pass is going to be $9.99 per month for Xbox owners and they will get to play certain titles if they are subscribed. You can get more details about the Xbox Game Pass here.
  4. Monolith and Warner Bros. announced the sequel to game of the year winner Shadow of Mordor. Shadow of War is set to take place after the events of the first Middle Earth game. It will be keeping the same protagonist and is slated to hit shelves this August. You can find the trailer and more information here.
  5. Twitch announced its “Get it on Twitch Program” on Monday. This program will allow the audience of a partnered streamer to purchase select games directly from the streamers page. Ubisoft and Telltale are already on board with the service and you can expect to be able to purchase games like Ghost Recon and Telltale’s The Walking Dead directly from Twitch this Spring. You can get the full details of the program and it’s benefits here.

This past week was a huge week for not just news but releases as well. Let us know what you have been most excited about this last week by tweeting us @TheNerdChambers, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

Star Wars Celebration!

On of the most exciting events in April is the ever so exciting Star Wars Celebration thanks to Lucas Films and Electronic Arts! This year I’m sure everyone is awaiting a trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi to possibly drop and fulfill all of our nerdy needs, but… Not only are we excited for the movie news there is also some rumored news about other upcoming projects like our passion at The Nerd Chambers video games! As we all may have heard there is an upcoming Star Wars battlefront game thanks to the ever so dominating companies DICE and Motive Studios are combining their excellent creativity to bring us Star Wars Battlefront 2.

As stated before we are excited to see how Battlefront 2 will come out since the most recent Battlefront was slightly underwhelming, but it still brought joy to the lovers of Star Wars. If you aren’t hopping aboard the hype train for Battlefront 2 maybe you can be excited for 1 of the other 2??? Star Wars projects! Oh yes I did… I said 2 other upcoming games! As stated by talented writer  Eddie Makuch in his article “Dead Space Dev’s Star Wars Game Is Not “Star Wars Uncharted,” Coming in 2018″

Uncharted veteran Amy Hennig is heading up development on the new Star Wars game that is currently in production at Dead Space and Battlefield Hardline studio Visceral Games. In a new interview with Glixel, Hennig stressed that the game will not be “Star Wars Uncharted.” The report says the game may be “spiritually similar” to Uncharted, but it will also be its own thing.” (Click the above text to visit Eddie Makuch’s article at GameSpot.com!)
This definitely brings a very interesting spin on the Star Wars gaming world! Other than this Uncharted inspired Star Wars game we are also going to see a third person style action game set in the vast Star Wars universe. Thanks to the innovating game studio Respawn who brought us Titanfall we will have another way to invest our life into the amazing Star Wars universe that we all know and love!

What are your thoughts on the fascinating news about the upcoming Star Wars celebration in April!? Let us know @TheNerdChambers on Twitter! Also don’t forget to like our Facebook page The Nerd Chambers!

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Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…?

Can it be? Are we going to see a successful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story line!? The fan base seems to be slowly crawling back into the sewers for the disappointing attempt of live action films from Paramount Pictures.  Yes, all in all the movies may have made some money from the first TMNT having a budget of 125 million dollars, and grossed 493.3 million dollars. While  the second TMNT: Out from the Shadows budget was 135 million dollars, and grossed 245.6 million a serious decrease.

For the fans sake… I would love to see a fun loving, true to the story, and successful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creation. Thankfully Nickelodeon announced Rise of the Teenage Mutant Turtles 2D animated series. The series is set to premiere in fall of 2018 and the show will have 26 episodes total. The two Gentelman taking on this series will be Andy Suriano(Samurai Jack Character Designer), and Any Ward (Supervising Producer on the current Teenage Mutant Turtles series). 

IGN writer Alex Gilyadov reported “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Turtles will expand the mythology of the Ninja Turtles by featuring new villains and a “more mystical New York City,” as the four protagonists discover a magical world beneath the city’s streets while also gaining strange new mystical ninja powers.” The description for the series definitely brings some new light to the franchise, and it will be a very exciting wait to see a new crew begin the story of the Teenage Mutant Turtles.

Go and tweet us @TheNerdChambers and give us your thoughts on a new TMNT franchise. Will it be a success or a bomb? Are you excited? If you’re interested in reading more from Alex Gilyadov, here is the link to his IGN article of the new TMNT series! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Article Alex Gilyadov

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